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My ping/latency is really high

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If you are experiencing a high ping/latency when using our client the issue may be caused by the size of Data that is passing through. This is because every network interface is set with an MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) value that defines the size of the largest piece of data that is allowed to pass. It is common with certain traffic to experience latency issues if the data being sent is too large, i.e. torrents.  

The "Use Small Packets" option that is available within our client settings limits the maximum size of packets sent over the connection by causing the VPN tunnel to report that it is smaller than it is. In turn, applications send smaller packets to it, which can be especially helpful if the data being sent is difficult to compress.  

If you are noticing extremely slow speeds or intermittent disconnections, enabling this option may help to improve the stability of your connection. Follow the directions below to enable this option.  

*Note: this will not help with latency caused by a large distance between your actual location and the server you are connecting through  


  1. Open the PIA Client then go to Settings. 

  2. Go to the "Protocols" tab. 

  3. Underneath the Configuration Method box, check the "Use Small Packets" box . 


Android and iOS: 

  1. Open the PIA Client app. 

  2. Go to Settings -> Protocols. 

  3. Enable the "Use Small Packets" option. 


 If you are still experiencing high ping/latency when connected to the VPN please contact Support here