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What methods of payment do you accept for account purchases? - Knowledgebase / Billing / Payments - PIA Support Portal

What methods of payment do you accept for account purchases?

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We accept various payment methods that are subject to automatic renewal according to the beginning of each subscription term users choose (Monthly, Yearly, and Bi-Yearly).

Customers that are interested in recurring Subscription(Automatically drafted payments) should consider using one of the following payment options:

- Credit Card 

- PayPal

- Amazon

- Google Play (through our Android app only)

- Apple/iTunes

Customers that are interested in non-recurring subscription(one-time purchase), should consider the following payment options:

- Crypto

- Paygarden (Supported US Gift Cards)

The above non-recurring payment methods can only renew through a special link sent via email. If no action is taken, the account will automatically terminate at the end of the 11 day grace period following the due date.

Another accepted form of payment is via prepaid Visa/Mastercard. However, to utilize a prepaid card to sign up for our services, you will need to register the card first. As purchasing with prepaid card processes differently within our system. This must be done 24 hours in advance before the card can be accepted.

An alternate way to utilize a prepaid card is to add it to a PayPal or Amazon account. You will then be opting to use the prepaid card as a funding source for these payment processors. This should allow you to use that card to pay for your subscriptions without needing to register it.

You may purchase a subscription via our Join Now page here, or through the PIA Android Google Play Store and iOS app Apple/iTunes Store.

If you experience any issues with purchasing a subscription or have any questions regarding our service or subscription terms please contact our Customer Service support team here.