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Jul 22 2021

Desktop Client - 2.10.0 Release

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We recently released an updated version of our Desktop client (2.10.0)! To improve the functionality of the VPN client, we have implemented fixes, as well as updated some of the graphics displayed on the client to change up the look! Although you can find this information within the change log on our website, the following are some of the changes made within this new release! 

  • Reduced memory and CPU usage of the graphical client 

  • Updated icons and graphics 

  • Connection stats can be sent to PIA on an opt-in basis to help improve our service 

  • Added a CLI get/set type for the Allow LAN setting 

  • The split tunnel UI on Windows now displays executable paths instead of link paths for Start Menu apps
    WireGuard now works correctly on macOS and Linux when jumbo frames are enabled on the network interface 

  • The PIA daemon on Linux no longer writes to stderr when run as a service to avoid flooding system logs 

  • In-app updates on Linux now detect xfce4-terminal on systems without an x-terminal-emulator symlink 

  • Fixed a crash on Windows caused by some older OpenGL drivers 

  • Fixed an install issue on Linux that prevented creation of the piavpn group in some cases 

  • Fixed an issue causing the support tool to appear more than once on Linux in some cases 

  • Fixed libxcb dependencies in Linux arm64 build 

  • Fixed an issue allowing duplicate automation rules to be created in rare circumstances 

  • Fixed an issue allowing the rating “stars” to be clicked when an error was displayed 

  • Improved file names of crash dump files 

In any case, if you run into issues installing the update or using our service, our CS team would be more than happy to assist with sorting things out. Whether through our 24/7 Live Chat or our Ticketing system, we want to ensure anonymity for users seeking it!