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Apr 19 2021

Mobile Application 3.11.0 - Changes and Updates

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We’re proud to announce the release of the latest version of our mobile applications, v3.11.0! This will be a phased rollout, which will begin rolling out today to a portion of our users and will gradually increase day by day. This version will be available on both Android and iOS & can be downloaded from their app stores. Below, you’ll find the notable changes highlighted in this release: 

iOS -  

CBC Configuration Removal  

Transition to OpenVPN 2.5 

Android -  

CBC Configuration Removal  

Transition to OpenVPN 2.5 

KillSwitch feature Removal

With the removal of the CBC encryption in the latest version of the PIA application, we’re advising users to utilize the GCM encryption as it’s much more secure than the previous option. This will be the case when utilizing PIA on both Operating Systems. 

Due to the transition to OpenVPN 2.5 we’re moving away from the KillSwitch feature we once offered. Because of the changes made in OpenVPN, the KillSwitch feature within the Android application is no longer reliable and may cause issues with your connection if it was previously enabled on an earlier version.  

If you experience an issue where the VPN client flashes green, but has trouble connecting, this is a result of the KillSwitch being previously enabled. Logging out of the application and logging back in should resolve this issue. If the issue persists, you may also be able to to resolve this by toggling from OpenVPN to WireGuard or performing a full uninstall and reinstall of the application.

Although we no longer offer the KillSwitch from within the PIA application, we do have a work around that will act in a similar matter that’s highlighted in the following news article

We’re pleased to provide this updated version of the VPN application to our user! If you run into any issues or have any questions, please feel free to submit a support ticket, or reach out to our 24/7 live chat support that can be reached through our Helpdesk. We’d be more than happy to assist!