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Sep 28 2020

Router Compatibility

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Although it may be difficult to exceed the 10 simultaneous connections we offer with our subscriptions, installing the VPN client onto a router will allow you to protect the entirety of your network regardless if you have 20 devices assigned to that gateway at a single time. Since only one authentication token is being used, a VPN setup will count as one device in your subscriptions 10 device limit. 

Installing the VPN on a router is an easy way to ensure all of your traffic is secure! By eliminating the hassle of enabling and disabling the VPN, security is assured as the VPN tunnel stays enabled. 

Although almost any router with VPN compatibility could work with our service, we provide direct setup guides for specific firmwares that we periodically update. Below is a list of compatible routers with each of the currently supported firmware types: 

You can use the following links to access guides on setting up the VPN client on the firmware of your choice:  

(If you can not locate your router within the above lists, it would appear that we do not directly support your router or your router does not directly support VPN services. It may be possible to configure VPN use on stock or other firmware, provided it has VPN configuration options, but we would not have a ready guide for its use.)

Should you experience any issues with a setup or have a question about any of the guides, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat or by submitting a ticket, here.