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Oct 6 2021

Windows 11 Support

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If you plan on upgrading to Windows 11 or plan on transitioning to this operating system, we got your back! Following the official release of Windows 11 earlier this week, we want to inform our users that the Windows 11 operating system is officially supported and works with the latest version of our VPN client.  

At this moment, you may find that the tray icon is not visible by default on the Light theme within Windows 11. This being the case, temporarily using a different tray icon theme will allow you to identify PIA and access the GUI until we’re able to implement a fix.  

In any event you run into issues using the VPN client alongside Windows 11, ensure you’ve installed the latest build of Windows 11, as well as the latest version of the PIA client. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need any additional assistance or have questions.