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Does your VPN work anywhere in the world? - Knowledgebase / Frequently Asked Questions - PIA Support Portal

Does your VPN work anywhere in the world?

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Our VPN service is available in nearly all regions worldwide. There are some exceptions, however, due to embargoes against certain countries by the US, which we must abide by as an American-based company.  

The current countries that we are unable to offer service or support to are as follows: 

  • Burundi

  • The Crimea region of Ukraine

  • Cuba 

  • Iran 

  • Myanmar

  • North Korea 

  • Sudan 

  • Syria  

  • Taliban Occupied Region of Afghanistan 

There are also several countries that make it difficult to connect to the VPN due to these countries actively blocking, or restricting VPN accesses: 

  • Turkey 

  • China 

  • Russia (Recently began blocking ALL VPN connections)

  • Egypt 

  • UAE 

  • Turkmenistan 

  • Kazakhstan 

  • Sri Lanka 

While these countries do make it difficult to connect to the VPN, as part of an ongoing VPN Network Expansion plan in June of 2020 we have implemented 30 geo-located regions.  That provides our users with the ability to geolocate to several locations safely and privately. For more information about this network expansion please visit our blog post, here

In addition to our newly implemented geo-located regions, we have a few options that may prove to be fruitful as a workaround for any countries or regions that are actively blocking or restricting VPN access. However, we cannot guarantee the level of connectivity you may encounter with these workarounds. For more information about these workarounds please visit the support article: “Connecting to a Censored Region”. 

For further assistance with this, please contact our Support team by creating a support ticket via the Contact Us tab above.