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What is Identity Guard?

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Within the Client Control Panel, you are able to search your email addresses to see if they have ever been part of a data breach using our Identity Guard feature.  

A data breach is where information is obtained from a system without the knowledge or authority of those who own the system. The information can contain your email address and other possible sensitive personal data that can be damaging in the wrong hands. One of the biggest risks of your information being leaked is that of identity theft, which can have long lasting effects.   


This tool is simply a way for you to find out if your email addresses have been compromised in a data breach and is not designed to help prevent or change information associated with the email address.  


After signing in, you will see the tab labeled “Identity Guard”.  



Here, you will be able to search your email address to identify if it has ever been part of a data breach.  



After entering your email address, you will need to check your inbox for the email provided and confirm that you wish to monitor this address.






Once the email has been confirmed, you will be asked to sign into the Client Control Panel on the device you have confirmed the email on.  


You will then be provided with a list, if any, of the breaches your email address has been a part of. You can also opt into being notified via email notifications from the PIA Identity Breach if, or when, your monitored email is involved in another breach. 




Depending on the information available on the websites that were breached, Identity Guard will list the information that has possibly been compromised.




In an effort to stay up to date, the latest breaches we find out about will be displayed at the bottom of the Identity Guard page.  



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team here.