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Does PIA Offer a SmartDNS Option? - News / Announcements - PIA Support Portal

Oct 22 2021

Does PIA Offer a SmartDNS Option?

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If you are interested in accessing Geographically Restricted Content but would like to avoid the impact VPNs encryption has on your internet speed, PIA offers a Smart DNS option for its users!  

Being helpful in instances where the device does not support VPN connections, or the device requires you to jump through hoops to successfully setup an encryption tunnel, Smart DNS allows you to bypass censorship & firewalls at an astonishing rate.  

Although the functionality of Smart DNS is similar to a VPN connection, Smart DNS does not mask IP addresses nor provides the same encryption as a VPN connection. This being the case, the ability to bypass IP blocks that schools and workplaces implement is only capable while using a VPN connection. Ensure that you are using the correct tool for your needs! 

We offer Smart DNS for various devices, including Gaming Consoles and TV boxes. With plenty of locations to choose from across multiple continents, you can get started setting up your Smart DNS by logging into the Client Control Panel within our website and selecting the Smart DNS tab.  

In any case you need assistance with this process or have questions regarding the services we provide, feel free to reach out to us through our 24/7 Live Chat Support or our Ticketing system and we will be more than happy to help!