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Oct 6 2020

IMPORTANT - UPDATED Server Changes and Related Issues

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In an effort to ensure that users are aware of current issues, we would like to make you aware of a number of important issues that may impact performance as we work to transition to our Next Generation network of servers. Throughout this process, it is possible that there will be changes that temporarily impact the performance of the VPN. However, these issues are expected to be temporary and we are confident that the results of these changes, will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on performance and your VPN experience. 

As part of the process of sunsetting our legacy network, per our blog post here, we have removed the Austria region from the legacy server list. If you have not already done so, please open the settings within the application and switch to Next Generation.

Current Issues

Servers Outages and Maintenance

  • [NEW] Our datacenter is Sydney, Australia is reporting a hardware related issue that may impact connectivity or functionality when connected. If you experience issues, please connect to an alternative Australia server.

Streaming Outages and Changes

  • BBC iPlayer is currently inaccessible while connected to our UK servers - Current Gen and Next Gen. No ETA for a resolution for this issue.
  • Netflix Japan content is currently unavailable. Our DevOps team is aware of the issue and we are working on a resolution.