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Introducing our Finland and Sweden Optimized Streaming locations! - News / Announcements - PIA Support Portal

Jul 23 2021

Introducing our Finland and Sweden Optimized Streaming locations!

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With our ever expanding efforts to bring more streaming compatible servers to our valued PIA customers, we have recently introduced streaming optimized servers for the regions of Finland and Sweden! These server options can be found on both our desktop and mobile platforms under FI Streaming Optimized (Finland) and SE Streaming optimized (Sweden).

While we strive to provide our customers with full access to their favorite content, with as little restrictions as possible within our control, it is almost impossible to guarantee a connection to all streaming services for a given region. In the event you are unable to access your desired streaming content,  we recommend reconnecting to the streaming optimized servers to grab a new IP, as well as reaching out to our Helpdesk and provide the streaming service and the IP on which you experienced the issue.  We will be happy to investigate this further and work toward a resolution for each IP that does not allow access.