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Aug 5 2021

Introducing our US Optimized Streaming Location!

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In addition to the server locations we offer across the globe optimized for Streaming, we’re proud to announce a US server location dedicated for this purpose! Although this location is optimized for streaming and accessing services like Netflix & Hulu, you will be able to connect to it and use the server like the other locations we offer.  

While we strive to provide all PIA users with access to their favorite content, it’s almost impossible to guarantee access to all streaming services at any given time. In the event you are unable to access your desired streaming content, we recommend reconnecting to the server location to obtain a new IP Address as the IP that’s in use may be temporarily blocked.   

If issues persist or if you have any questions regarding the service, feel free to reach out to us through our Helpdesk where we will be more than happy to assist.