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Introducing the London-Steaming Server Location! - News / Announcements - PIA Support Portal

Jan 19 2021

Introducing the London-Steaming Server Location!

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Since we’ve received numerous reports of users wanting to access BBC iPlayer for streaming, we’ve dedicated a server location(London-Streaming for desktop, London-Streaming Optimized for Android) specifically for this purpose. Accessing and streaming BBC while using a VPN connection may be difficult, but this endpoint is specifically optimized for bypassing this geo-block.

Although we are unable to guarantee access to this site, our team will be putting forth our best efforts to have BBC accessible for VPN users. Should you find yourself, initially, unable to access BBC, please reconnect in an effort to grab a new IP, and reach out to us via our Helpdesk with the IP on which you experienced the issue. We will be happy to investigate this further and work toward a resolution for each IP that does not allow access.