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Mar 16 2021

Router Compatibility - Tomato (Firmware) Support

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Private Internet Access has always offered various methods for users to encrypt their network. Unfortunately, we’ve ceased support for the Tomato Firmware as of March 15, 2021. Although some users may find it possible to use PIA in conjunction with their newly setup Tomato router, Tomato released their final update and ceased support for the firmware 10 years ago making this decision long overdue. We have received reports that Fresh Tomato may work with our services, but we do not currently have a guide for setting this up and as such, we are currently unable to provide support. 

Using any product or service the parent company ceases support for causes a high security risk. The lack of security updates and patches leaves users vulnerable to malicious activity. This being the case with the Tomato firmware, we are unable to provide support with the installation or use of PIA entirely. For alternative router setup guides, please reference the following news article regarding Router Compatibility