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Split Tunneling on MacOS 11.0 - News / Announcements - PIA Support Portal

Nov 13 2020

Split Tunneling on MacOS 11.0

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With the most recent release of the Mac operating system, 11.0 (Big Sur), you may find that the Split Tunneling feature is disabled. Due to the removal of Network Kernel extensions, we were unable to get the Split Tunneling feature ready in time for the 2.5.1 release of the PIA client.

If you wish to continue using the Split Tunneling feature within the client, you may want to avoid updating your operating system. As we are actively working to provide our users who are using this version of the operating system with this feature, you should see Split Tunneling implemented in the future. Unfortunately we do not have an exact ETA for when the release will be. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us through our Helpdesk!