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Sep 21 2020

Truly Anonymous

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As many of us approach a new lifestyle in these trying times of 2020, we are finding the use of a VPN as more essential than ever. With the pandemic’s push of offsetting everyday social life, you may find yourself using your personal network for tasks that you didn’t originally expect to use it for. Whether these tasks consist of performing your work duties from home, managing your personal e-commerce shop, or sharing movies with friends that were not illegally downloaded from the internet, you may want to ensure your network is encrypted by a No-Logging VPN!

Logging Policy

Ensuring the VPN you are using is in fact a No-Logging VPN is one of the most crucial steps of obtaining anonymity and protecting yourself. Selecting just any VPN to protect your browsing activities can expose you to potential security risks. If a provider is not verified to be a No-Logging VPN, using their service may pose more of a threat than browsing the web without a VPN since the possibility of your personal information being logged has significantly increased since downloading their service.

At PIA, we have a strict No Logging Policy that we proudly stand by. Users can use public court records to verify that PIA does not retain logs of any kind on our users. You can reference this documentation using our ‘Do you log’ support article. 

While not retaining logs may make work processes trickier, we prefer to provide our users with a high level of security and privacy when interacting with PIA. 

Anonymous Purchasing Route

Along with our no logging policy, PIA retains as little billing information from our users as possible. PIA works “Hand in Hand” with many different payment methods to provide users with a selection upon checkout. 

When purchasing a subscription with us using a credit or debit card, we work with stripe as our 3rd party payment processor to ensure your billing information isn’t retained by PIA. For a more anonymous approach, users have the ability to purchase a subscription with us using Crypto Currencies or a Gift Card. By heading to your local convenience store and purchasing a Gift Card(Works with many major brands), paymentWall will be able to convert that Gift Card into a PIA subscription needing nothing but an email.

Privacy and Security

While stepping into a new age of computing may be difficult, we offer a few ways to make life easier on you! Instead of constantly connecting and disconnecting from the VPN client, setting up PIA on your router will encrypt the entirety of your network and relieve you of the hassle of having separate clients for each device. 

Almost any router with VPN capability could work with our service. However, we only offer setup guides for routers using specific router firmware. Bellow you can find the firmware we support as well as the guide for each firmware:

DD-WRT OpenVPN Setup

LEDE OpenVPN Setup




With Private Internet Access, you can rest assured that your privacy and security is our number one priority. As always, should you experience any issues or have any questions regarding PIA, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat or by submitting a ticket, here.