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Do you offer dedicated IP addresses?

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Private Internet Access now offers Dedicated IPs for users who wish to have one exit node in a particular region. Unlike the shared IP addresses that most VPN customers use on our VPN servers, a dedicated IP address will only be used by you. When you use a PIA Dedicated IP Address, you are the sole user of that IP address, which may result in fewer overall site restrictions (captchas, etc...). If you are interested in the purchase or setup process of a dedicated IP, please visit the following link:

This feature allows existing users to anonymously obtain a Fresh IP address that is not shared and entirely exclusive to the user. Although this feature must be purchased in addition to your subscription through the Client Control Panel, we're not linking the dedicated IPs with the users' accounts, therefore making the process 100% anonymous. This exchange is being completed through a token mechanism that splits the information and blocks the IP - User correlation. In this way, we will always protect the privacy of our customers.  

Why use a Dedicated IP Address

Unlike the shared IP addresses that most VPN customers use on our VPN servers, a dedicated IP address will only be used by you. When you use a PIA Dedicated IP Address, you are the sole user of that IP address – which will result in a smoother internet experience with less interruptions by Captchas.

Additionally, with your dedicated IP address, you’ll be able to access IP address restricted networks and configure your own IP address-based security measures. It’s important to remember that whether you use a shared IP address or a dedicated IP address from PIA, your privacy is protected.

Dedicated IP FAQ

  • Question: Can I purchase multiple dedicated IPs?

Answer: Only one dedicated IP can be purchased, per account, at the time of this posting. If you wish to purchase multiple dedicated IPs, you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions. If you already have an active dedicated IP, you will not have the option to purchase a new dedicated IP from within the Client Control Panel.

  • Question: Can I use my dedicated IP on my router?

Answer: Currently, dedicated IP functionality is handled through the application(s). As such, there is no way to connect to the dedicated via your router. You must use the official Private Internet Access application.

  • Question: Will a dedicated IP allow me to bypass Geo-Restricted Content?

Answer: While it may be possible to bypass these restrictions, we cannot guarantee this type of functionality as it is not the intended use of the system.

  • Question: I bought a dedicated IP for a particular region, but some sites are saying my IP is located elsewhere. What can I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, this can and does occur. Locations of each IP are governed and determined by databases over which we have no control. If you experience an issue where your IP is indicating it's located in an incorrect region, you can submit a support ticket with your IP, the intended region, and the indicated region on a given site, and we may be able to assist further. Please submit a support ticket, here:

  • Question: I've discovered that a dedicated IP is just not for me, what can I do?

Answer: Dedicated IPs are governed by the same refund policy as our VPN subscriptions. You can request a refund for any reason within 30-days of your purchase. Please contact us through the support portal via chat or ticket to request a refund for your dedicated IP.

  • Question: I have misplaced my dedicated IP token. What can I do?

Answer: It is very important that you retain your dedicated IP token. For security purposes, we do not retain this information and only you are provided the information regarding the dedicated IP you have purchased. Please keep the .txt. file generated after purchase, in a safe place.

  • Question: My token isn't functioning. What should I do?

Answer: Our support staff is available 24/7 via chat or through our ticketing system to assist you with this and any other issue you may experience. Please reach out to us directly if your token is not functioning.

As noted above, our support staff is available 24/7, 365 days per year. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly should you have any issues with your dedicated IP.