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How do I cancel my subscription? - Knowledgebase / Account / Account Purchase/Cancellation/Reactivation - PIA Support Portal

How do I cancel my subscription?

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Cancel Automatic Renewal:

All PIA accounts (except for a select few payment methods) are subscription-based. This means, at the end of every billing cycle, your account will renew automatically. 

However, we understand that some users do not want automatic payments or would only like to use our application for a specific amount of time. We offer the option to cancel an accounts automatic payment at any time directly within your Client Control Panel (CCP) which is located on the My Account page on our Website. 

To cancel your accounts automatic payments, please follow the below instructions: 

Step 1:  Log into your Client Control Panel (CCP) 

Log in to the client control panel using your account username (p1234567) and password.  


Step 2: Cancel Subscription 

After logging into the CCP select the sub tab "Subscription Overview”

Within this page you should see your Subscription Information. You will see three dots to the right of the word “Subscription”. Once clicked, the option “Turn off Auto Renewal” will appear and can be clicked on to cancel your future payments.    


Step 3: Verify you wish to cancel 

After clicking the Cancel Subscription button, a new window will appear that will ask you to verify you wish to continue with the cancellation of your auto-renewal. 

You will be asked to provide your main reason for turning off your automatic payments.   

Following the cancellation reason, you will be asked to confirm your decision or to keep the automatic payments turned on.  

Continuing with the cancellation, you will be greeted with a confirmation screen with a note that a subscription reminder will be sent out before the subscription is set to expire and the option to return to the subscription Overview.  

After completing the cancellation, you will be returned to your CCP, where you will see a green button below the subscription information labeled, “Turn on auto-renewal". This will indicate that the subscriptions automatic payments have been successfully cancelled.    

Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email from our support system stating that we have received a cancellation request for your account.