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Client Control Panel Overview

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The Client Control Panel is the online portal where users can sign in to access their Private Internet Access account information and manage all aspects of their subscription. 

After signing in, the Client Control Panel can be viewed as well as the various sections to manage the account.

Subscription Overview:

*Note: The subscription upgrade options are subject to change based on current promotions. The above listed options do not reflect current deals.

The first section on the Client Control Panel displays the basic account information: 

  • Username 

  • Renewal/expiration date 

  • Payment method

  • Next payment date  

  • Update payment details

  • Billing history

Below the subscription information provides users the option to upgrade their subscription tier, depending on the current tier and payment method.

At the very bottom lies the refer a friend section. More information on Refer a Friend can be found here.

Account Settings:

Under the Account Settings section, users can update the accounts email address, password, enable or disable two-factor authentication, and change the language of the emails received from PIA. 


The Downloads section hosts the changelogs and checksums for our desktop apps, links to the latest versions for download (desktop, mobile, browser extension, Firetv, and smart DNS for various devices). 

Below the download options, other VPN settings for generating SOCKS credentials and OpenVPN Generator and Configurations sections can be found. 

Identity Guard:

Identity guard is a tool giving users the ability to search for an email address to see if they have ever been part of a data breach. More information can be found here.

Dedicated IP:

The next section is for Dedicated IPs that can be purchased as an addon service for a VPN subscription, allowing users to connect to the same IP address each time they use the VPN. More information on dedicated IPs can be found here and how to purchase one can be found here.

Smart DNS:

The next section enables users to set up Smart DNS for various devices. More information can be found here.

Contact Support and Log Out:

The last section allows users to access the PIA Help Center as well as log out of the Client Control Panel. 

At any time, you can take a survey to help improve PIA and your experience. There are surveys for the overall experience, Dedicated IPs, and Smart DNS, located at the bottom of the menu when on the corresponding tab.